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About Us
     Tri Evans Custom Inlay is a one man inlay shop.  I take incredible pride
in making sure that your inlay is completed with exacting standards.  When you
get a Tri Evans custom inlay, you can rest knowing that your treasured
possessions are in the hands of a caring professional.  I will treat the piece I'm
inlaying as though it were my own.  I take extreme care to make sure that all
instruments, guns, plaques, furniture, (or whatever else you want inlayed) will
be "babied" to avoid damage or scratches.  
        I work in a shop in the back of my home here in Houston, TX.  I really love
this work environment because I can take a break and spend time with my wife
and daughter.   Sometimes my little girl will come back to my shop and watch
me work.  I really enjoy my time inlaying precious objects for other people, but
I love my family even more.  I want to thank all who have purchased an inlay
from me for making all this possible.


Jimmie "Tri" Evans III